Sayagyi U Ba Khin Village

Sayagyi U Ba Khin Village, is one of the three major projects to be taken up to mark the birth centenary of Sayagyi U Ba Khin in 1999. This unique facility with bungalows and flats enables students from all over the world to reside adjacent to Dhamma Giri. All residents are meditators and are required to observe the five precepts. The construction work of residences is completed and there will be no more future construction. Hence, this project is completed.

The Asoka Pillar, with the Wheel of Dhamma atop, situated near the Myanmar Gate is a symbol of deep gratitude to Emperor Ashoka who sent Vipassana to the neighboring countries. Had Emperor Ashoka not sent it to Myanmar, Vipassana would have been lost totally.

There are forty-five bungalows, six 1 RK apartments as well as thirty-seven 1 BHK apartments and a well maintained community center with dining facility. One of the bungalows has been converted and reutilized as a recreation centre with indoor games and gymnasium.

The village is adorned by several beautiful gardens and landscaping. Several fruit trees as well as shady trees have been planted which add to the beauty of the village.

Every weekend, a 1-day course is organized in one of the bungalows for village residents. Children courses are also organized once a month.

The village is run by committees and is running in harmony. This is a gem of a village – a Dhamma village in real spirit.