Dhamma Giri

  • Rain water harvesting pond
    Since the inception of Dhamma Giri, shortage of water was a perineal problem. In 2016 we completed a rain water harvesting pond of 5 Crore liter water (50 million liters). This is serving us in summer months when the water is very scarce. The pond is constructed on the waste land behind the female course office, utilizing the valley. Many efforts were made earlier to construct the pond on the very location, as there was the vertical fault in the rock below. As such this project was abandoned at that time. Now we got new technique to make storage of water possible. This is achieved by providing a 90 micron HDPE film on the excavated ground. On top of it RCC lining slabs of 100 mm thick were provided. Further on this top 500 micron HDPE film is provided. This is anchored in a special way so that this will not fly away on tare during storms. This is very successful and serving us since last two years. Making it possible to provide water 24 hrs.
  • Cement concrete roads
    We have executed cement concrete roads 100 mm thick at the following locations
    • From Myanmar gate to Main office to Guruji Niwas to Dhamma Hall-1 & 2
      and back to main office.
    • In tapovana-2 all the roads for residences are with 100 mm thick concrete
    • A road from north-east end of Dhamma giri (Wadi) upto Tapovana-2
    • Link road from Tapovana-1 to Tapovana-2

    This extensive road work has made easy for mobility.

  • Plantation of Trees
    We have successfully planted more than 700 trees of various varieties of trees in the north-east corner plot adjacent to mountain. Also we planted more than 400 trees inside the new Tapovana-2 complex. We also have made two small ponds in this area. One with 25 lacs liter capacity and other with 60 lacs liter capacity. This water is utilized for giving water to trees and garden by drip irrigation method.

  • Renovation Work
    • Reverse Osmosis water purification plant
      In 2012 we installed a RO plant of capacity 1000 liters per hour meeting all the drinking water requirement. Now our water is so pure that water bottle is not required.
    • Air to water heater
      This water making system first installed in 2013. By introducing this technology for producing hot water for bathing, we eliminated expensive gas heating system. This is reverse process of air conditioner having a coefficient of efficiency 3.5. This eliminated 14 nos. of wood fired boilers. This is used when sun is not available.
    • Solar Water heating
      We also introduced solar water heating sytem in the months of winter and summer. This is the most effective way of heating the water when the sun is available.
    • Dining hall & Kitchen
      Dining hall is renovated in April 2017. No. of slopes in the roof were altered and one slope was created of about 20000 sq. feet. by changing cement sheet roof to colour coated galvanized iron sheet. The roof water is collected and utilized for feeding the rain water harvesting pond (RWH). All the old dining hall tables were removed and new red granite dining tables were created to accommodate more students to dine at a time. The false ceiling is removed. Hence very difficult rat problem is solved. Due to increased height of the roof better ventilation is achieved . Also to get the sun light polycarbonate semi transparent sheets are provided with turbo ventilators. The leakage problem which was very difficult to handle is totally solved. The walls of the dining are provided with glazed ceramic tiles upto lintel level, to make it more hygeinic and good light effect. This works is completed without cancelling any course.
    • A-dormitory
      There were two shabby A-dormitories, while renovating dining we took up the work of renovating these two dormitories which have become very decent. This is having attached toilet baths. For more privacy reason compartments are built. This works is completed without cancelling any course.
    • Dhamma Hall-2
      Renovation work done in April 2018. By removing eight pillars inside the Dhamma hall by providing new steel structure the hall now looks gorgeous and magnificent. This was really a very tough job. Obstruction due to pillars gone, visibility is improved. Now teachers can see all the students as well as students can see the discourse without moving from their seats. The height of the hall is also increased due to that the aesthetic look of the hall has improved. Now looking grand. The thermocal false ceiling is removed and the rodent problem is solved.
      Earlier the roof having eight slopes and profusely leaking is now solved due to single slope. The material used for new roofing is galvanized iron sheet sandwiched with poly urethane foam 30 mm thick. Thus rain sound and temperature inside is reduced. This works is completed without cancelling any course.