Dhamma Tapovana - 2

Eligibility criteria

In order to apply, applicants should fulfill the following criteria -

  • Medical Fitness certificate taken within 5 days prior to the course, stating that applicants have no Covid-19 symptoms and also do not have other illnesses.
  • Family support to join the course.
  • Students having Age between 20 to 65 years should apply only.
  • Ability and willingness to maintain self hygiene during the course and follow safety guidelines during your stay at the centre.
  • Willingness to co-operate with Management in any situation & ready to leave campus if so advised. The participation in the course, travel and stay at the Center is solely at the participant’s discretion and at own responsibility only. Management will not be responsible for any adversities.
  • No pregnancy. Female students having pregnancy should not apply.
  • Willingness to wash their own clothes and utensils. Laundry service is not provided.
  • Ability to manage private vehicle to reach the centre and return to home after completion of course.
  • Students shall be accommodated in a single room only.

Note: Only confirmed students are permitted to enter the centre premises.

Dhamma Tapovana-2, adjacent to Dhamma Tapovana-1, is the 2nd Long Course center at Dhammagiri. It opened in August 2016.

At present, there is –

1. A Dhamma Hall with a capacity of 160 students.

2. A Pagoda with 137 cells.

3. Accommodation for 120 students.

4. Large dinning hall/kitchen complex.